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Shamrock Calf Feed Block

Key Points about Shamrock Calf Feed Block:


Seaweed is the unrivalled multi-supplement, which delivers a blend of natural nutrients that can be deficient from soils and feed. Seaweed contains over 60 minerals, and trace elements, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, natural bioactive hormones, growth factors and anti-oxidants.

The ocean contains a constant reservoir of micronutrients that are absorbed by seaweed and stored within the algae in a protected, colloidal state. This colloidal structure means that > 98% of all the micronutrients are absorbed in the animal allowing them to fulfil their diverse range of functions.

Health Benefits of Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed to Animals:


Contains less molasses than any of our competitors.


Keeps the rumen at the optimal pH for growth and development

Lithothamnium Calcaerum:

Shamrock Calf Feed Block

Shamrock Calf Feed Block is high in crude protein(soya protein), minerals, trace elements and vitamins and can be given to calves from 8 weeks (once rumen has developed). On excellently managed and quality grass, no extra ration in the diet is necessary. The unique formulation of the Calf Feed Block uses a specific blend of rumen buffers which allows the calf to use grass more efficiently for low cost calf rearing, while promoting target weights and performance.

The use of Shamrock Calf Products result in:

“An aspect of our farm management is the use of Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks. The Shamrock Calf Feed Block is a labour and cost effective means to rear stronger calves and eliminates the work load of having to haul bags of meal to the calves everyday. Our calves are thriving on the Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks and I can’t recommend them highly enough”

- Simon Butler, Adare, Co. Limerick - Dairy & Friesian to Beef Farmer

“I run a Spring calving milking herd and use Shamrock Calf Feed Block to rear my calves from 10 weeks old. The calves are in great condition with excellent average daily weight gains, and in July were averaging 200kg. The calves are doing very well and I am very happy with the product. Another benefit of the Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks is that I don’t need to be buying meal and feeding the calves myself everyday.”

- John McCarthy, Clonakilty, Co Cork - Dairy & Beef Farmer