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Shamrock Dairy Products

Additional Supplementation

Shamrock Farm Pack

Contains rumen buffer and yeast to maintain the integrity of the rumen and drive peak milk production and promote increased average daily weight gains.

Available in: 25 kg powder formulation

Consumption Rate: 40g/cow/day

Shamrock Health Booster

A completely balanced natural micro-nutrient supplement made from freshly harvested seaweed with added bioplex copper, cod liver oil and rumen buffer. 


Available in: 10 kg powder formulation

Consumption Rate:   80g/animal/day

Liquid Mag plus Trace Elements (25L, 200L or 1,000L)

Available in: 25L, 200L or 1,000L

Shamrock Comfort Li

An organic seaweed based cubicle liner with added disinfectant which is applied evenly to floor surfaces after cleaning.

Owing to its large surface area Comfort-Li can absorb moisture, and this absorptive capacity of Comfort-Li serves two purpose:

1. From an animal welfare point animals are kept drier and more comfortable for longer

2. Moisture is removed from the cubicles and floors, therefore bacterial growth is inhibited.

By contributing to overall hygiene in housed livestock and with added anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, Comfort-Li helps in the fight against infection, particularly somatic cell count, and maintain animals at optimum health.

Comfort-Li is soluble in slurry

Seaweed based: high in trace elements including iodine, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and manganese thus contributing to the overall fertilising value of slurry.

How Can Shamrock Comfort Li Benefit You?

“I’ve been using Shamrock Grass Seed and General Purpose animal supplements for the past 1.5 years and am very happy with them both. The grass seed is persistent and gives good grass cover throughout the season. The General Purpose Block keeps the animals happier and healthier, supports the cattle to achieve their full genetic potential”.

- Brian McRedmond, Meath -  Cattle Farmer

Additional Supplementation for Dairy

General Purpose Block Block

A palatable seaweed based supplement that contains a rumen buffer, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

This is a complimentary feed stuff, offered ad lib, to calves (>12 weeks of age), heifers and non-lactating cows.

Available in: 18 kg and 30 kg mineral block form

Consumption rate: 20g/100kg bodyweight/day

Heifer Development Block

High in protein, oils and fats and is enriched with minerals, trace elements and vitamins, for improved performance.

Available in: 26kg mineral block form

Consumption Rate: 100-200g/heifer/day.

                            Allow one bucket per 20 animals

****** Garlic can be added to repel flies and insects

Shamrock High Mag Fertility Block

A seaweed based supplement that contains a rumen buffer, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.


Higher levels of magnesium help prevent the onset of grass tetany (grass staggers)

Full compliment of micronutrients, especially the trace elements iodine, cobalt, copper, zinc, selenium and manganese, all of which are necessary for oocyte development, fertilization, implantation and early embryonic development.

Available in: 18 kg and 30 kg mineral block form

Consumption Rate: 20g/100kg bodyweight/day.

*******Garlic can be added to repel flies and insects.

Revive (Seaweed based scour remedy)

Uses: Seaweed based Scour powder to treat diarrhoea in calves


Dosage Rate: One sachet should be mixed with 1L of warm water

Recommended dosage per calf: one sachet per treatment

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