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Shamrock Deer Products

Deer Seaweed Based Block

The  Deer Seaweed Based Block (18kg or 40kg)  is offered  ad lib  in conjunction with forage and contains a full array of mineral, trace elements and vitamins. This product is high in structural minerals (calcium and phosphorus) as well as rich in zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, biotin, selenium, iodine, vitamin A and vitamin E, all of which play integral roles in metabolism, muscle and nerve conduction, cardiovascular system, growth, development and immunity. Garlic can be added to the product to repel flies and insects. Average daily consumption is 60 to 120g/deer/day and allow one bucket for 10 animals.

Deer Health Booster

Available as a powder (10kg),  Shamrock Deer Health Booster  is a completely organic supplement made from harvested seaweed with added copper, cod liver oil and gastro-intestinal buffer and intended for cattle, horses, camels and deer at all stages of development. It works to maintain overall health and immune system of the animal and naturally promotes the appearance of the animal by conditioning the coat, skin and hooves and is known to help with the development of bones and improve fertility.

Shamrock Deer Special

Available as a powder (25kg), Shamrock Deer Special is formulated to balance the diet of the deer with micronutrients. The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio is optimum at 2:1 which promotes absorption and utilization for improved growth, development and performance. The high levels of phosphorus stimulates dry matter intake to help promote average daily weight gains. Recommended feeding rate is 60g/animal/day. 

Shamrock Deer Finisher  (25kg)

Shamrock Deer Finisher  (25kg)  is designed for finishing deer and contains 5% phosphorus, rumen buffer, live yeast and kelp. The combined effect of the ingredients promotes higher dry matter intake and better feed conversion to muscle. Recommended consumption rate is 50g/head/day. 

Shamrock Deer Products

Shamrock Farm Enterprises  formulate, manufacture and distribute supplements designed specifically for deer. We understand the necessity to supplement the deer’s diet with minerals, trace elements and vitamins to offset any deficiencies that can occur. All deer supplements contain 2 types of seaweed which makes the minerals, trace elements and vitamins more available in the deer’s bloodstream. In addition, Shamrock Deer Products contain a rumen buffer with 2.5 times the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate.

“At Finnebrogue we manage a large deer herd from which Finnebrogue venison was formed. Nobody was able to offer a specific deer supplement until we talked to Shamrock. SInce we started using their buckets and powders the deer are thriving, coats shining and they have never been healthier. We are also introducing Wagyu cattle for Finnebrogue Artisan's specialist meat lines and the Shamrock lick buckets are producing cattle which have never looked or performed better. Overall I'm delighted with the products and personal attention we have received. ”

- Mark Sandford (Farm Manager), Finnebrogue Estate, Co. Down.