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Shamrock Beef Products

Shamrock Finishing/Store Cattle

Shamrock Finishing/Store Cattle

Shamrock Farm Enterprises Beef Products are available in powder, gelatinous and liquid formulations and provides essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins in a palatable form.

All products are seaweed based for optimum delivery of micronutrients and contain a rumen buffer to maintain the integrity of the digestive system.

The dietary nutrients of the beef animal changes with the respect to stage of production and Shamrock Farm Enterprises products are manufactured to deliver optimum supplementation for each stage.

“I have been using Shamrock Beef Finisher for the last few years and am extremely happy with average daily gains and subsequent carcass weights. I will continue to use Shamrock Beef Finisher because of the results I have achieved.”

- Seán Buckley, Milstreet. Co Cork - Beef Farmer

Shamrock Beef Feed Block

High in protein, oils and fats and is enriched with minerals, trace elements and vitamins, for improved performance.

Once adequate grass/silage is provided additional ration in the diet does not need to be given, saving costs on feed.

Available in: 26 kg block

Consumption rate: 200 to 300g/animal/day.

                           Allow one bucket per 20 animals

Shamrock Beef Special 5% Phos


Designed for finishing cattle and contains 5% phosphorous.


Phosphorus stimulates dry matter intake to help promote average daily gains

Available in: 25kg powder formulation

Consumption rate: 100g/animal/day

Shamrock Beef Finisher


Designed for finishing cattle and contains 5% phosphorus, live yeast and kelp.


Promotes higher dry matter intake and better feed conversion to muscle.

Available in: 25kg powder formulation

Consumption Rate: 100g/head/day

*****By investing €13.20 per animal, average daily gains are improved by 10%, leading in a reduction in the number of days to slaughter by 10 to 15 days. Secondary savings on time, feed and labour are also incurred. Recommended feeding rate is 100g/head/day.

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