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Shamrock Horse Products

Shamrock Farm Enterprises formulate mineral and vitamin supplements for the equine sector to help minimize undesirable conditions, and promote performance and improved fertility. All equine products are seaweed based and contain a buffer, which prevents rapid fluctuations in pH, and maintains the integrity of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Shamrock Revive more info..

Shamrock Revive

Shamrock Horse Breatheasy more info..

Shamrock Horse Breatheasy

Shamrock Horse Grass more info..

Shamrock Horse Grass

Shamrock Horse Block more info..

Shamrock Horse Block

Shamrock Grass Seed Mixes

Shamrock High Trace Element Salt Blocks more info..

Shamrock High Trace Element Salt Block

Shamrock Health Booster more info..

Shamrock Health Booster

Shamrock Liquid Fertilizer more info..

Shamrock  Liquid Fertilizer

Shamrock Seaweed Fertilizer more info..

Shamrock Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed Based Products

Shamrock Horse Products