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Shamrock Post-Calving Supplements

All Shamrock post-calving supplements are seaweed based with added buffer and enriched with micro-nutrients.

Seaweed is an effective method to deliver the micro-nutrients to the animal for maximum absorption, while the buffer keeps the rumen at optimum pH.

Why supplement?

Shamrock High Phos Post-Calver

Uses: Designed to balance calcium concentration and stimulate dry matter intake in the lactating cow.

The rumen buffer plays a vital role to keep the pH of the rumen at optimum (pH 6.3) for longer periods of time, thereby promoting higher dry matter intake and improved digestibly.


The combined effects helps alleviate milk fever, restore energy balance and promote higher feed conversion.

Available as: 25 kg powder formulation

RDA: is 100g/cow/day.

Shamrock Dairy Elite

Uses: contains high levels of phosphorous and live yeast.


Available as: 25kg powder formulation

Consumption Rate: 100g/cow/day

Shamrock Parlour Gold (12.5kg)

Uses: Complimentary feed for lactating cows that contains high levels of protein, yeast and essential elements and vitamins for healthy cows.


To promote peak milk production.

Available as: 12.5 kg lick

Consumption Rate: ad lib at milking.

Shamrock Dairy Products

Shamrock Post Calving Supplement

"I put a huge emphasis on diligent management of my herd throughout the year to ensure optimum health, fertility and milk yields. As part of my management programme I use Shamrock Dairy Special plus Vitamin E and Shamrock High Phosphorus Post-Calving supplements to ensure an overall easier calving, and to set the cows and calves right for the season"

- Seán Hurley, Arklow, Co Wicklow - Dairy Farmer, Milking over 100 cows

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