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Shamrock Sheep Products

Lamb Finisher

Uses: Designed for finishing lambs and contains phosphorus, live yeast and kelp.


Available as: 25 kg powder

Consumption Rate: 30g/lamb/day

Investment of €4.30 to finish a lamb.

"I used shamrocks sheep feed tubs pre lambing and they put on wicked condition. The best part was, I had to feed no nuts only hailage. It cost less with better conditioning...highly recommended."

- Declan Coffey, Ballinamult, Co. Waterford

Shamrock Sheep Products

Shamrock Farm Enterprises have a range of cost effective seaweed based sheep products that are designed to promote animal health and welfare.

Supplements for mixed farms, can also be used for sheep farms because they do not contain copper.

Shamrock use high levels of vitamins and minerals in our products ensuring you better results whilst using less products.

Our sheep products are formulated to contain higher levels of protected zinc and cobalt, which are necessary for hoof health and B-vitamins, respectively.

**Garlic can be added to sheep supplements to repel flies and insects.

**None of our sheep products contain copper, but are high in zinc and calcium to promote strong/hard hooves.

Shamrock High Energy Sheep & Lamb Feed Blocks

Uses: Palatable seaweed based feed blocks with added rumen buffer. Enriched with minerals, trace elements and vitamins, and high in soya protein, oils and fats for improved lamb/sheep performance.

Available as: 26kg lick

Consumption Rate: 50-70g/lamb/day or 75-150g/ewe/day

                            Allow 1 bucket per 40 animals

Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block

Uses: Contains high levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for health especially during times of increased stress (e.g., lambing).

Available as: 18kg and 30kg mineral lick

Consumption Rate: 15-20g/lamb/day or 25-30g/ewe/day.

                            Allow 1 bucket per 40 animals

Shamrock Lamb Breatheasy

Uses: Palatable seaweed based supplement that contains a rumen buffer and all trace elements, minerals and vitamins.

Benefits: A complimentary feedstuff for lamb (>12 weeks of age) with added eucalyptus to relieve respiratory congestion.

Available as: 18 kg and 40 kg

Consumption Rate: 20g/100kg bodyweight/day

                           Allow 1 bucket per 20 animals

Cattle/Sheep High Mag Fertility

Uses: Suitable for mixed farms as it DOES NOT contain copper

        Provides essential micro-nutrients to both animal types

Available as: 18kg and 30kg mineral lick

Consumption Rate: 20g/100kg bodyweight/day.

REVIVE (Seaweed based scour remedy)

Uses: Seaweed based Scour powder to treat diarrhoea in lambs


Dosage Rate: One sachet should be mixed with 1L of warm water

Recommended dosage per lamb: quarter of a sachet per treatment

""I run a small flock of pedigree Zwartbles sheep. I believe in keeping them in tip top condition. I use Shamrock sheep mineral and sheep feed buckets and am very pleased with the results. Twin lamb has so far been avoided this year and the ewes are in great condition with strong lamb's at


- Clayton Fulton, Strabane.

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