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"I used shamrocks sheep feed tubs pre lambing and they put on wicked condition. The best part was, I had to feed no nuts only hailage. It cost less with better conditioning...highly recommended."

- Declan Coffey,  Declan Coffey, Ballinamult, Co. Waterford

“Since I started using Shamrock Milk Replacer 3 years ago, I see my calves are healthier and thriving, and don’t have any nutritional problems. The milk replacer mixes easily and I am very happy with the product.”

- Denis Bergin, Kilbragh, Fethard. Co Tipperary

- Dairy Farmer Suckler & Friesian to Beef Farmer

“I started using Shamrock’s pre-calving minerals with Vitamin E four years ago and will continue to use it. The calves are vibrant and don’t have any problems with milk fever or retained cleanings. All in all, my animals are healthier and because of that I have an easier Spring”

- Pádraig Moroney, Drangan, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

- Dairy Farmer, milking a Pedigree Herd

“I’ve been using Shamrock Dairy Special with Vitamin E for the last 4 years as my pre-calving minerals and am very happy with the outcomes. Since I started using it, I have strong, healthy calves and no complications with calvings”

- Michael Browne, Moyglass, Fethard, Co Tipperary - Dairy Farmer

“I’ve been using Shamrock Grass Seed and General Purpose animal supplements for the past 1.5 years and am very happy with them both. The grass seed is persistent and gives good grass cover throughout the season. The General Purpose Block keeps the animals happier and healthier, and supports the cattle to achieve their full genetic potential”.

- Brian McRedmond, Meath -  Cattle Farmer

“I use Shamrock Dairy Special plus High Vitamin E as my pre-calving supplement and am very happy the results. Basically, my cows are set up after calving to help restore energy loss, reach peak milk production and support fertility, while my calves are strong and thrive with fewer scours and pneumonias. It’s a small investment for healthier animals”

- Timmy O Dwyer, Tipperary - Dairy Farmer

‘I am happy to continue using Shamrock Milk Replacer for rearing my calves. Not only does it put a great shine on my calves, but my calves are healthier and stronger and achieve target weights at weaning. I would highly recommend Shamrock Milk Replacer to allow calves reach their genetic potential”

- Paul Hedderman, Kilrush, Co Clare - Drystock/ Beef Farmer

“We hope to expand our herd here in Limerick, and in order to achieve this we have begun to simplify our farm practices without compromising animal welfare to allow us cater for greater numbers. We have recently installed a state of the art robotic milking machine that milks our cows on average 2.4 times a day and provides us with essential performance statistics at each milking. Another aspect of our farm management is the use of Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks. The Shamrock Calf Feed Block is a labour and cost effective means to rear stronger calves and eliminates the work load of having to haul bags of meal to the calves everyday. Our calves are thriving on the Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks and I can’t recommend them highly enough”

- Simon Butler, Adare, Co. Limerick - Dairy & Friesian to Beef Farmer

“In order to make the most of my grass based production system I use Shamrock seaweed fertilizer and Shamrock grass seed mixes at re-seeding. I find Shamrock Seaweed fertilizer is a great substitute for granulated lime, is easier to use and I can spread it myself, while the varieties in the grass seed mixes extend the growing season, have good ground cover with excellent take off. All in all, I feel I am getting the most from the grass which shows in the performance of my cows. I also give Shamrock High Mag Fertility Blocks ad lib to the cows for most of the year to ensure my cows achieve excellent pregnancy rates”.  By giving minerals all year round I balance any seasonal deficiencies that can arise and the results speak for themselves, with outstanding milk and fertility”.

- Thomas Dwan, Thurles. Co. Tipperary

- Dairy Farmer, Family Farm, milking over 100 cows

“A selenium and phosphorus deficiency had been setting my cows back for a number of years and I experimented with several different minerals to resolve the issue, but without success. Since I started using Shamrock Dairy Special plus Phos as my pre-calving supplement I have seen a huge difference in my animals. The condition and welfare of my cows has improved significantly which has a positive knock-on effect on subsequent milk quality and yield, as well as reproductive performance. My herd no longer show signs of deficiency, so my animals are happier and I’m happier”.

- Justin Mulcahy, Youghal. Co. Cork - Dairy Farmer

"I put a huge emphasis on diligent management of my herd throughout the year to ensure optimum health, fertility and milk yields. As part of my management programme I use Shamrock Dairy Special plus Vitamin E and Shamrock High Phosphorus Post-Calving supplements to ensure an overall easier calving, and to set the cows and calves right for the season"

- Seán Hurley, Arklow, Co Wicklow - Dairy Farmer, Milking over 100 cows

“I used Shamrocks seaweed fertiliser for the first time last year. I was extremely surprised with how lush the grass was afterwards. Eventhough I was told that it's primary purpose was to bring all the minerals into the soil, it actually grew the grass very well also. All our horses are doing superbly well. Our fertility levels were at 100% and the foals did brilliantly. I will be using more this year and couldn't recommend highly enough. “

- Gordon, Knockmullen Stud,Wexford

“I run a Spring calving milking herd and use Shamrock Calf Feed Block to rear my calves from 10 weeks old. The calves are in great condition with excellent average daily weight gains, and in July were averaging 200kg. The calves are doing very well and I am very happy with the product. Another benefit of the Shamrock Calf Feed Blocks is that I don’t need to be buying meal and feeding the calves myself everyday.”

- John McCarthy, Clonakilty, Co Cork - Dairy & Beef Farmer

“I use Shamrock 1A grass seed mix when re-seeding because I know it’s a quality blend I can rely on. The varieties in the mix are on the recommended list drawn up by the Department of Agriculture, and each variety compliments the growth habit of the other varieties. Shamrock 1A provides good ground cover, excellent feed value and responds well to fertilizer. I am very happy with the mix”.

- Denis McGrath, Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick

“I use Shamrock Horse Blocks as a mineral and vitamin supplements for horses on the stud farm. The horses are healthy with excellent condition and coats, and I am happy with the product”.

- John McEnry, Rossenarra Stud , Kells, Co. Killkenny

“I have tried a lot of different vitamin and mineral blocks for my horses and the results I’ve gotten with Shamrock Horse Block exceeds all others. The foals and mares are in excellent order with good, clear coats and I’m extremely happy with them. Garlic which is added to the Shamrock Horse Block during the summer months works wonders on repelling horseflies and I haven’t seen any evidence of bites on their skin. All in all I am very happy the Shamrock Horse Block for foals and horses”

- Paddy Ryan, Ballypatrick, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary - Horse

“My horses have improved in overall condition and health since I started using Shamrock Horse Block. I am very happy with the product and I will continue to use it for my animals”

- Jimmy Mangan, Conna, Fermoy, Co. Cork - Horse Trainer

“Since I started using Shamrock Horse Mineral products, I’ve noticed a vast improvement in the coat and general appearance of the horses. I also found that while the minerals are palatable to the horses, they don’t go through them near as fast as previous buckets we used. I used Shamrock Seaweed fertilizer, and I’m expecting serious yields, similar to results I achieved when I used seaweed fertilizer previously.

- Gerry Ross, Kenilworth House Stud

“I use Shamrock Horse Products to supplement my animals, and I am delighted with the results I have achieved. The horses are thriving, with good legs and feet. The garlic added to the Shamrock Horse Block is very effective at repelling horseflies, making it easier on my animals. I will continue to use the product.

- Seán Doyle, Monbeg Racing, Wexford

“In order to ensure maximum returns on my pasture based production system I re-seed 12 to 15 acres every year. I only use Shamrock’s grass seed blends because it has top varieties and excellent clover mixes”

- John Martin Fogarty, Moyglass, Fethard, Co Tipperary - Dry Stock Farmer

“I have been using Shamrock Beef Finisher for the last few years and am extremely happy with average daily gains and subsequent carcass weights. I will continue to use Shamrock Beef Finisher because of the results I have achieved.”

- Seán Buckley, Milstreet. Co Cork - Beef Farmer

“I use Shamrock Granular Cutzyme to ensil my silage for the Winter. I am very happy with the product because it preserves the silage excellently, providing good quality feed with very little wastage. This means I can cut back on feeding concentrates because the cattle are getting quality feed from the silage. I would highly recommend using Cutzyme for preserving silage efficiently”

- John Clifford, Mitchelstown. Co Cork Dairy Farmer

"I used the Shamrock Heifer Development Block with Garlic this year as part of my heifer rearing programme and was very happy with the results. The supplement gave the heifers the little boost they needed, their coats came good and their overall appearance improved. I didn't have a problem with summer mastitis either, and am happy with the way my heifers are developing"

- Clare Dillon, Ballinasloe. Co Galway -Beef Farmer

"I use Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block 8 to 10 weeks before and one week after lambing and am very happy with the product. I got on really well with the Sheep Mineral Block, with good live birth weights and both my lambs and ewes were strong and healthy in the Spring, having excellent feet and condition".

- James Kehoe, Ferns, Co Wexford - Sheep, Drystock & Suckler Farmer

“I put BreathEasy into the shed when I housed my yearlings. Some of the cattle had already developed a cough and had watery eyes and noses. After about 2 weeks, all these symptoms cleared up, and none of the other animals developed any similar issues. I would have no hesitation in using or recommending the use of BreathEasy again in the future”

- Liam Landers, Ballinlard, Co Tipperary - Dairy/Drystock Farmer

"At Finnebrogue we manage a large deer herd from which Finnebrogue venison was formed. Nobody was able to offer a specific deer supplement until we talked to Shamrock. SInce we started using their buckets and powders the deer are thriving, coats shining and they have never been healthier. We are also introducing Wagyu cattle for Finnebrogue Artisan's specialist meat lines and the Shamrock lick buckets are producing cattle which have never looked or performed better. Overall I'm delighted with the products and personal attention we have received. "

- Mark Sandford (Farm Manager), Finnebrogue Estate, Co. Down.

"I I started using Dairy Special licks in 2016 and to date my calving has never been easier. The cows calve easily, clean quickly and the calves are up and sucking straight away. I am also using fewer buckets and saving on costs so very happy.".

- J McKay Dairy Farmer, Dromara Co. Down

“I reseeded 10 acres last year with Shamrock 1A and am very impressed with the results to date. The field is well covered with a great bulk of grass.”

- John Thompson, Limavady

"The Shamrock horse mineral lick moves from paddock to paddock with my in-foal mares. It gives me peace of mind that the mares are getting any minerals and vitamins they may need irrespective of season or 'terroir'/ ground. To my mind they also come into foal easier with this mineral lick."

- B. McKelvey, Breeder, Co. Down

"I run a 200 cow dairy herd and believe in the saying prevention is better than cure. This year I used Shamrock dairy special high vit e for my dry cows. All they have been getting is good silage along with a minimum amount of meal and Shamrock minerals. So far all cows have calved with little intervention and cleaned very quickly. I highly recommend Shamrock products.".

- Derek McCrea, Strabane

“I use a range of Shamrock products from grass seed to minerals and find them to be of a superior quality. My suckler herd gets the dairy special powder minerals and so far they have been calving with good results producing good quality milk for their calves.”

- Thomas Kelly, Londonderry

"This year I am using shamrock milk replacer for my dairy calves and so far am pleased with the results. The calves appear to be thriving well and disease seems to being kept to a minimum long may it continue."

- Brian Dooher, Donemana, County Tyrone

"I run a small flock of pedigree Zwartbles sheep. I believe in keeping them in tip top condition. I use Shamrock sheep mineral and sheep feed buckets and am very pleased with the results. Twin lamb has so far been avoided this year and the ewes are in great condition with strong lamb's at

foot.". - Clayton Fulton, Strabane

“Since using Shamrock Seaweed fertiliser we've noticed a significant change in the sward of our fields. The grass coverage is dense and healthy which helps the paddocks withstand year round usage. We also find the grass recovers really well from winter grazing and poaching!”

- Alice, Kathryn stud, Milton Keyness United Kingdom

"I have been pleased to source Shamrock Seaweed Fertiliser for my stud paddocks after a gap of nine years and have been amazed by the improvement within six months of application. The general density has increased and using the Horse Buckets for the first time the horses have actually taken to a supplement.  I would happily recommend both products."

- Emma Balding, Kingsclere Stud, United Kingdom

"I started using Shamrock fertiliser in 2016 and having used it on a few paddocks have noticed a better growth of grass, with increased density, the stock grazing those paddocks did exceptionally well. This year I applied the seaweed fertiliser to some more paddocks, and have been impressed by the improvement in sward again.

I have also started using the mineral buckets, and the mares and fillies using these buckets has tremendous coats, and are in great condition, what has surprised me is how long the buckets last once the horses have been using them for a while.".

 - Andrew Spalding, Hedgeholme Stud Darlington, United Kingdom