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Global Leaders in Equine Health and Nutrition

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Our Story

Shamrock Enterprises was created more than 30 years ago by James O'Doherty in the heart of Co. Tipperary in Ireland. The goal of the company from its creation was to offer natural products that are compatible with all types of animals and farming.


Our nutritionists and veterinarians, in conjunction with our R&D department, formulate unique seaweed-based nutritional solutions. Our commitment to excellence translates into superior quality, sustainable products, that are both natural and robust.


Our R&D department is doing a lot of ongoing research to develop products that will replace antibiotics. All our solutions come from scientific research.

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Shamrock Enterprises

We are the world leaders in developing seaweed products. We currently supply our products to farms, race yards, studs and veterinarians throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, France, Italy, South Africa, Australia...


Aware of the importance of the Agri and Equine market worldwide, Shamrock Enterprises continues to make high-quality natural products available to farmers all around the world in order to substitute the usage of antibiotics...

Why use                        ?

Shamrock Enterprises

Using Shamrock allows you to know that you are giving the best to your animals and your land. Our products are innovative, environmentally friendly, natural and scientifically formulated by top scientists. All our products are specifically designed for each animal and have proven their quality and efficiency over the last three decades. 

All our products are formulated and manufactured under EU licence and UFAS standard in-house, they are all tested, analysed and controlled to give you the best of the best. 

Because Shamrock is a modern, future-orientated company with over 30 years of experience in animal nutrition and agronomy.

Because Shamrock is powered by science, to give you the best natural solutions with ongoing support from our team.  

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Why use Shamrock?
Our Story
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