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Minella Racing, Co. Tipperary

           Our 2-Year-olds are enjoying their shamrock farm enterprises licks in the Sun ☀️. Every horse at Minella Racing has a Shamrock Lick all year round as they’re a great source of Vitamins & Minerals!

Paudie, Stud Manager for Eddie Fitzpatrick, Coolmore, Ireland

          We have used mineral supplements from different suppliers, the horses never took to them properly. Since we started using shamrock Minerals this was never an issue.

It changed their overall appearance and well-being within a 6 week period.

Gordon, Knockmullen Stud, Co.Wexford

            I used Shamrock's Seaweed Fertiliser for the first time last year. I was extremely surprised with how lush the grass was afterwards.

Even though I was told that it's primary purpose was to bring all the minerals into the soil, it actually grew the grass very well also. All our horses are doing superbly well. Our fertility levels were at 100% and the foals did brilliantly. I will be using more this year and couldn't recommend highly enough.

Andrew Spalding, Hedgeholme Stud Darlington, United Kingdom

          I have also started using the mineral buckets, and the mares and fillies using these buckets has tremendous coats, and are in great condition, what has surprised me is how long the buckets last once the horses have been using them for a while.

Baroda stud

        For years we used numerous buckets from different companies until we started using shamrock Horse Mineral Tubs. Since then, my foals and mares are looking very well. I haven't changed and would not consider changing as the results I am getting are excellent.

Messine Stud, France

      A while ago we were contacted by Shamrock Enterprises France who offers 100 % natural horse lick buckets made of seaweed. These buckets are made up of many minerals, including copper. They can be chosen with or without garlic. We agreed to try a few buckets... our horses love it! We took ours with garlic. Buckets are very flexible, with no risk of injuring foals. We are very happy with these products. We are just satisfied and want to share it with as many as possible. We are also not resellers of the brand. 

Billerough Stables, Co. Kerry

     We produce young horses and find the health Booster great for the development of our horses. It is very good for their coat and general health. The Horse Block is also great for our horses in the barns.

Emma Balding, Kingsclere Stud, United Kingdom

        I have been pleased to source Shamrock Seaweed Fertiliser for my stud paddocks after a gap of nine years and have been amazed by the improvement within six months of application. The general density has increased and using the Horse Buckets for the first time the horses have actually taken to a supplement. I would happily recommend both products

        I am very pleased with the results I see in my horse since I started using Shamrock Health Booster a number of years ago. I have noticed improved skin, muscle tone and healthier hooves. The horses are blooming from the inside out, they find it extremely palatable, leaving nothing behind. I feel like this product is a great benefit for my horses throughout the season.

J.R Finn, Registered Horse Trainer, Ireland

Evanna McCutcheon from EMcC Racing in Co. Tipperary, Ireland

        I started using Shamrock Breath Easy Blocks earlier this year for a horse that was inclined to get a little congested. While it is palatable and they enjoy it they are not inclined to “binge” on it like other blocks I’ve tried. The eucalyptus seems to particularly help with the congestion and the seaweed and VTMs help to keep the horses looking and feeling well.

Jimmy Mangan, Conna, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland, (Grand National winning trainer)

          My horses have improved in overall condition and health since I started using Shamrock Horse Block. I am very happy with the product and I will continue to use it for my animals

Pascale Cavallin, France

     Juanito was having difficulty chewing and I suspected the onset of loosening and tooth loss which often happens at this age (28 years old). After a little over two months of daily usage of your Health Booster I find that his gum condition has improved meaning he is more comfortable eating food. He had had a decline in condition two months prior to using the Health Booster; but he has recovered well since with a return of energy which has always characterized him. I can see him improving and maintaining well his motor skills and have not had to use his yearly treatment since consuming the health booster.

Greylands Stud

     Greylands Stud has been using the Shamrock mineral licks both in the stables and in the fields for years. Our horses are always happy, contented and always look fantastic. Using these licks has meant we have reduced the amount of hard food we feed. Each stabled horse has the smaller bucket and we use the larger buckets in the field and loose housing. Our stallions have a good fertility rate and the broodmares always do their foals well.

Seán Doyle, Monbeg Racing, Co. Wexford

        I use Shamrock Horse Products to supplement my animals, and I am delighted with the results I have achieved. The horses are thriving, with good legs and feet. The garlic added to the Shamrock Horse Block is very effective at repelling horseflies, making it easier on my animals. I will continue to use the product.”

        Our ponies absolutely love the horse block, it’s very reassuring to know that they are getting the vitamins and minerals they need whilst out on summer grazing... the added bonus is that we are supporting a local company too.

@theadventuresofmrtrigg, Co. Tipperary

        Our 3-week old homebred foal (Allstar5 x Van Gogh) enjoying the Shamrock Seaweed Mineral Block ☘️. Contains a full spectrum of minerals, trace elements & vitamins necessary for optimum health.
The formulation of this product ensures the delivery of micronutrients crucial for red blood cell synthesis, blood circulation, energy production, bone & hoof conditioning, muscle contraction & appearance (coat and skin) ✔️

Bellisle Equestrian Shop, 

John McEnry, Rossenarra Stud, Co. Kilkenny

      I use Shamrock Horse Blocks as a mineral and vitamin supplements for horses on the stud farm. The horses are healthy with excellent condition and coats, and I am happy with the product.

           Delighted to choose Shamrock Enterprises for my horse supplements!

Tom Cooper, Tralee, Co. Kerry

        All our mares, competition horses and horses in training are on Shamrock buckets. Benester is distributing these products in the South West of France and always gives the best advice. 

Doire Stables, France

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