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     cubicle liner

Shamrock Comfort-Li is a seaweed based fine powder cubicle liner. It will keep your animals animals drier for longer in particular during the critical calving period when cows are under most stress.Comfort Li can play an important part in the fight aginst infection in particular somatic cell count and maintain optimal health.

It creates a pH neutral floor environment which inhibits mastitis causing bacteria.

  • Usage:100 grams per cubicle 

  • Cost: 10cents per day,3 eur per month

It has a full range of seaweed trace elements which in turn will enhance the fertilizing value of the slurry acting as an excellent soil conditioner.


Shamrock Comfort-Li has a surface area that is significantly larger than other cubicle liners which then absorb both moisture and odours. This means only a light dusting is required to give strong protection.

25 KG bags 
 100grams per cubicle (3eur per cubicle one month)
  • Dry and comfortable environment.

  • Reduced Cell count 

  • Lower risk of Mastitis

  • Moisture removed from cubicles

  • Helps reduces odours 

  • None irritant

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