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Shamrock Milk Replacer is a whey based whole milk substitute for calves: calves less than 3 weeks old can only digest and utilise milk derived protein, vegetable protein is not efficiently utilised in younger calves.


The Crude Oils and Fats in Shamrock Milk Replacer are a vital source of energy (2.5 times more energy than carbohydrates), they are important nutrients for maintenance and reduce the risk of hypothermia in the young calf.

  • EMX™ added: reduce scours caused by protozoa (coccidiosis and crypto)

  • Enhance immune system of the calf

  • Promote feed intake for rumen development

  • Increase growth rates

  • Help support full genetic potential of the calf

  • Do not have to rely on milking

  • Reduce risk of spreading disease e.g. Johne’s

  • Can be used once-a-day from 3 weeks of age

  • Compatible with automatic milk feeder

  • Calves reach target weights sooner

  • Easy to mix

  • Stays fresh for up to 12 hours after mixing

20 KG bags

Suitable for calves for less than 3 weeks

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