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Meet Our Shamrock Team ! Katie Black and Ian Molan

Behind the products, there are the people, and in Shamrock we are very proud of our team. We like to say that for the last 30 years we have had people from all possible backgrounds, bringing their experience and knowledge into the company.

Shamrock is a company that exists because of the teamwork within it, and we decided that with each newsletter, we will introduce to you some of our team members.

Today, it is Ian Molan and Katie Black that you will read about.

Katie is a young woman that joined us this year. She said herself, “ I was on a horse before I could even walk”. Passionate about animals, Katie has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science – Animal Science, specifically Equine science. She did horse riding all of her life and was always enthusiastic about animal care. Before joining us, Katie got plenty of experience, she worked as a vets assistant, in racing yards, in studs… Katie believes that it is important nowadays to go towards more natural products, and that is what she really likes about Shamrock, giving the animals what they need, in the most natural and efficient way possible.

“Believing in the products makes it all, I am really happy to be part of a company that cares so deeply about animal wellbeing through nutrition supplement and grassland management as well as its employees. “, said Katie.

Katie is from Clane, Co. Kildare and will be taking care of Co. Kildare, Carlow, and Wicklow. If you are in these areas and wish to contact her, do not hesitate 085 209 6800.

Ian joined us as well this year and has quite a lot of experience around the world in both Equine and Agri Industry! Ian grew up on a farm outside Cork, and quickly grew an interest in the Equine Industry as well. Yearling Sales brought him to Sydney then to very rural farms in Australia, where bull riding was the equivalent of GAA. Before he knew it, Ian became a professional bull rider in Australia. “I won the Victorian State title, I was the Australian Rookie Bull rides champion and made the [overall] Australian finals.” said Ian. But Australia was not his only playground, indeed Ian travelled in the USA, Mexico and Canada, where he rode to the highest level.

Since coming back to Ireland, Ian has been involved in the Equine and Agri industry. Ian’s father is a customer of Shamrock for years. “I like that Shamrock’s aim is to substitute antibiotics and chemicals on the farm. I believe this is very important, like humans, animals well-being is coming from what they ingest, eat, and therefore supplementation is critical. “

Ian is from Carrigaline, Co. Cork and will be taking care of the area all around Carrigaline, South East/West Cork. If you are in this area and wish to contact him, do not hesitate: 083 471 7045

To know who your rep is in your local area and get in contact with him/her please contact us at +353 62 262 08 or

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