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Shamrock "can really impact the Irish Agricultural Industry" - William Day, National Sales Manager

While Shamrock has continuously expanded its activity outside Ireland, the company is proud of being a 100% owned Irish company that continue to focus on its local market.

William Day, Shamrock's National Sales Manager

As part of our continued strategic growth plan on the Irish Market, we are delighted to announce that William Day, has joined our Shamrock Team as our National Sales Manager. William Day was once part of the Shamrock Team and has ever since kept a close eye on the progression of Shamrock Enterprise. He said he always had a “strong belief in the Shamrock products” and when he got the opportunity to join Shamrock again, he felt like he could help the company progress to the next level.

William said “I believe the company can really impact the Irish Agricultural Industry with ever improving products that will help farmers produce better livestock, better milk. Shamrock really is a company that is driven by science and always thinking forward both for the company but also for its customers.”

According to Shamrock’s National Sales Manager, William Day “Shamrock products help farmers to have healthier animals with less usage of antibiotic, this has been proven with trials and experience over the last three decades! Using Shamrock products helps the immune system of the animals which in the long term will lessen the needs for antibiotics, and vets visit with better performances. It’s a real return on investments!”

Talking about the company William added “Shamrock has a great team on the ground, everyone works together, there is great knowledge within the company. It’s great to be part of a company that has over 30 years’ experience in the industry, that started local and that is now in several countries around the world. Shamrock is a very progressive company, as James O’Doherty the founder and CEO of the company has a huge knowledge of the industry and such a drive to grow the company worldwide. This is another reason I was drawn to come back to the company, and I hope I can help develop the company on a national level. Shamrock keeps looking forward with the construction of a new state of the art factory in Tipperary Town which will open new opportunities for the company.“.

This factory should be up and running in May 2022 in the heart of Tipperary.


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