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Shamrock Enterprises and the equine industry

Tipperary-based company Shamrock Enterprises celebrates exponential growth of its nutritional seaweed-based solutions in the Equine Industry across the globe.

For many years now, Shamrock Enterprises has offered a range of premium products for all types of horses. The company has been dealing with many of the top racing and stud yards around the world. We not only do premium products for animals but also premium seaweed fertiliser to ensure the grass they are grazing has optimum nutrition..

From a local Irish Company 30 years ago, shamrock has grown into an international recognised leader in the Equine seaweed-based supplementation industry. Shamrock products can now be found not only in Ireland but also in the UK, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia, Italy, France…

With a nutritionist and two equine veterinarians on staff, all shamrock products are unique to the company, with a unique blend of ingredients that is only found in our products. Our commitment to excellence translates into premium products where the nutritional needs of the animal are at its core but also through hard work, dedicated staff and wonderful customers and partners.

More than ever, the Shamrock Enterprises Team is motivated to continue making our premium range of Equine product available for all, around the world.

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